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TVR 1976

wb: 7ft. 6 in.        
1600 M L4 cyl. 1588 cc 84 bhp  
2500 M L6 cyl. 2498 cc 106 bhp  
3000 M V6 cyl. 2945 cc 136 bhp  
Turbo L6 cyl. 2994 cc 250 bhp  
Taimar V6 cyl. 2945 cc 142 bhp - new model

Great Britain

London Show review
TVR 1600M £3,481
With similar space frame chassis and glass fibre body to the 3000 M and the Turbo (one of Britain's fastest cars) the 1600 M offers the same good handling and road holding, plus lively performance at a substantially lower price. Now the makers have launched a new feature; a hatchback body which fits the popular trend. Standard equipment on the 1600M includes alloy wheels, split circuit brakes, reversing lamps and hazard flashers.

1600 M

London Show review
TVR TURBO £6,903
Exhaust gas drives the turbo charger that boosts output of the Ford V6 3-litre engine in this Blackpool-built coupe to 265 b.h.p. for sensational acceleration. Many items that are extras on other models are included on this one; reclining seats with adjustable head restraints, radio, vinyl top with sun roof, door mirror, lockable fuel filler and colour to customer's choice. It also has special alloy wheels and a tinted laminated screen.