Triumph 1954

Renown - end of prod. in October

Production figures of the Saloon: 1800 - 4000, 2000 - 2000, Renown - 9301, Limousine - 190.
Triumph TR2 Sports, Model 20TR2, was introduced in the summer of 1953 – the result of exhaustive test work on the two Triumph Roadster prototypes. The production model feature a longer, squared-off tail, housing a good-sized luggage boot, and modifications to brakes and chassis frame. The sidelamps are moved to below the headlamps, and the rear lamps raised to the tips of the finned wings. The power unit is derived from that of the Standard Vanguard. With twin SU carburettors and 8.5:1 compression ratio, the 1991 -cc OHV Four develop 90 bhp at 4800 rpm. It drive the hypoid bevel rear axle through a four-speed gearbox. The car quickly established itself in competition work by taking 1 st, 2nd and 5th places in the 1954 RAC Rally. A specially tuned TR2 achieved 125 mph on the Jabbeke highway in Belgium in 1953.
Doors modified in October (short-door).

Zwycięstwo (Wallwork) w rajdzie R.A.C. (TR-2)



TDC (4 cyl, 2088 cm3, 68 KM) - end of prod.
  Saloon (wb: 111 in)



TR2 (R4 cyl, 1991 cc, 90 bhp)






12h Sebring 07.03.1954 (round 2) Results:
# chassis Entrant: gen. class
35 TR2 Patterson / Hendricks A.Patterson 24th S2.0 3rd
Mille Miglia 1-2.05.1954 (round 3) Results:
# chassis Entrant: gen. class
507 TR2 Brooke / Fairman 94th S2.0 12th
526 TR2 Stoddart / White dnf S2.0 -
528 TR2 Gatsonides / Richardson 27th S2.0 7th
  24h Le Mans 13.06.1954 (round 4) Entrant: Results: Perf.
# gen. class
62 TR2 Wadsworth / Brown E.B.Wadsworth 15th 1.5-2.0 5th
Tourist Trophy 11.09.1954 (round 5) Results:
# gen. class
25 TR2 Brooke / Douglas L.Brooke 22nd S2.0 9th
26 TR2 Merrick / Tew R.Merrick 24th S2.0 10th
27 TR2 Johnstone / Titterington J.B.Johnstone 18th S2.0 6th
28 TR2 Lund / Blackburn Ted Lund 19th S2.0 7th
29 TR2 Dickson / Richardson R.Dickson 20th S2.0 8th
30 TR2 McCaldin / Maunsell B.McCaldin 17th S2.0 5th