Triumph 1935

Gloria Four (4cyl, 1232 cm3, 42 KM lub 1496 cm3, 50 KM)
Gloria Six-12 (6cyl, 1476 cm3, 55 KM) - end of prod.
Gloria Six-16 (6cyl, 1991 cm3, 65 KM) - new model

"Samochód, który jest inny".

Triumph model range comprises Gloria Fours and Sixes, all with Coventry Climax engines with overhead inlet and side exhaust valves. The cheapest model is the 10.8 HP Gloria Four Southern Cross Two-seater, at £275. At the other end of the scale is the 15.72 HP Gloria Vitesse Six Flow-Free Saloon, priced at £425. All Triumphs features a free-wheel and remote control gear selection, as well as Lucas Startix ignition systems. Twin fuel tanks are located in the rear wings.



  Flow-Free Saloon

Southern Cross (motor'74)

Gloria Southern Cross

Gloria Vitesse Six Flow-Free Saloon have very smart appearance. This body is mounted only on the Vitesse chassis which have a specially tuned engine, developing 65 bhp.

Gloria Vitesse Six Flow-Free Saloon




Drugie miejsce (Ridley) w RMC Triumph 1300.