Triumph 1933

Super Eight
Super Nine - ost rok (4cyl, 1087 cm³, 30 KM)
12-6 Scorpion - ost rok
Southern Cross (4cyl, 1122 cm³, 33 KM)
Gloria Ten - nowy model - ost rok (4cyl, 1087 cm³, 40 KM)

Great Britain

Triumph Southern Cross is the company's first proper sports car powered by a Coventry Climax-designed inlet-over-exhaust engine of 1122-cc (63 x 90 mm) 33-2-bhp engine and four-speed gearbox.


Super Eight



Nine tourer

Four-seater two-door Sports tourer which in May 1933 cost £225 (Chassis £165, Coupe £260).


Super Nine






Southern Cross





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