Classic Car Catalogue

Toyoda 1936

AA 6 cyl., 3389 cc, 65 hp
AB Phaeton 6 cyl., 3389 cc, 65 hp


In April the first car of this Japanese company is based on Chrysler Airflow and it is called Toyoda after the founder of the company, Kiichiro Toyoda.
Main form of production is commercial vehicles, but the first cars have a 6-cylinder 3,389 c.c. engine with a 5.42:1 compression ratio producing 65 b.h.p. at 3,000 r.p.m. Development on this engine started in 1934.
14-16 September an exhibition was held commemorating the completion of Japan-made Toyoda cars for the general public. Model AA, AB phaeton, GA truck, and other vehicles announced (Tokyo Prefecture Commercial and Industrial Promotion Hall).
25 September Toyota logo established through a public suggestion process (Product name changed from 'Toyoda-go' to 'Toyota-go')



An early prototype of the AA.

A1 prototype of 1935.