Toyota 1975





Corolla 30 – new model        




  wb: 2159 mm 4 cyl.
993 cc
45 bhp (DIN)
  Sedan 2-dr 1000      
  Wagon 1000      


TOYOTA 1000 £1,487
Neat, orthodox two-door saloon from the Japanese manufacturer is not only light on fuel, but demands only two-star petrol for its one-litre engine. The front-mounted motor is canted at an angle to minimise bonnet height, and drives the rear wheels through a manual gearbox. The doors are wide for easy entry, and standard equipment includes reclining front seats with integral headrestraints, tinted glass, heated rear window, pushbutton radio, reverse lights, cigar lighter, radial-ply tyres, and a comprehensive toolkit. The semi-fastback styling is attractive.

1000 Station Wagon at Brussels Motor Show.



  wb: 2370 mm 4 cyl. ohv
1166 cc
73 bhp (SAE)


Long established on the British market, the Corolla is the smallest Toyota sold here. Over the years it has acquired a bigger engine, disc front brakes and more luxurious interior, with through-flow ventilation. Front suspension is unusual: coil spring struts combined with a transverse leaf spring. The rear axle is mounted on simple semi-elliptic springs. Front seats have built-in headrests. Toyota's two-speed automatic transmission is optional.


Corolla 30



TOYOTA COROLLA 30 From £1,928
Introduced to Britain last February, the Corolla 30 series has an 1166 cc engine, and a surprising turn of speed. All models come complete with tinted glass, heated rear window, reclining front seats, hazard and reverse lights, radio, and carpets. The Corolla 30 is available in four-door saloon form with twin-choke carburettor and four-speed gearbox, and the Estate model has a similar specification. There is also a two-door Coupe with two twin-choke carburettors, a five-speed gearbox, and a top speed of around 90 mph. The saloon is available with automatic transmission.

Corolla 30 Sedan



    4 cyl. ohv
1588 cc
100 bhp (SAE)


Fitting between Corolla and Corona, the Carina is a four/five-seater saloon driven by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine with twin-choke carburetter on a light alloy cross-flow head. The gearing permits unfussed economical cruising at high speeds. Reclining seats with built-in head restraints, radio, clock, reversing lights and servo brakes make it good value for money. New grille, sealed cooling, bigger brake calipers are recent improvements.



  wb: 2425 mm 4 cyl. ohv
1588 cc
113 bhp (SAE)
  Coupé ST      


The high-waisted Celica Coupe seats five, has disappearing windows, four headlights, and an instrument-packed facia. The single overhead camshaft engine has a cross-flow head and two twin-choke carburettors, and the ST can be had with four or five-speed gearbox. There is plenty of get-up-and-go for the enthusiastic driver, but there is no shortage of luxury either, for the deep seats are well shaped for comfort and lateral hold, and the luggage boot is unusually capacious for a coupe. Servo-assisted brakes and radial tyres are standard.


Land Cruiser












Land Cruiser