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Teram 1958

Puntero (B4 cyl, 1488 cm³, 56 CV) - new model




In 1955 Justicialista sports car production line, along with 50 unfinished vehicles was sold to TERAM, who now continue production under Puntero name. The car still has Porsche engine mounted in the front, however it is highly modified version of the Justicialista Sport.
The new model Puntero is more similar to original Porsche with the engine in the back.

Teram S.R.L. (Talleres Especializados Reparaciones Autos y Motores - San Isidro Pcia. de Bs. As.) was founded by Pedro Daverda and Federico De Bucourt in September 21, 1948, as the first company representative Porsche in Argentina, with special permission from Porsche to use the mark and engines. They also manufactured a utility vehicle called Libertador in 1951.