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Talbot Lago 1935



T 120 cabriolet

T 120 cabriolet Mylord

T 10 Baby 10 CV coach - nowy model
T 105 berline 10 CV (6 cyl) - nowy model - ost.rok
T 110 berline 14 CV - nowy model
T 120 17 CV berline, cabriolet - nowy model
T 120 L 17 CV limousine - nowy model
T 120 Baby Sport 17 CV coach, cabriolet - nowy model
T 150 Grand Sport 17 CV coach, cabriolet - nowy model

Since the formation of STD Motors, the group had been phasing out the Darracq name and badging the French cars as Talbots instead. Depending on marketing requirements, they were sold as Talbots, Talbot-Darracqs or Darracqs in different territories.
Talbot of Suresnes, France was purchased by Anthony Lago who had worked for STD for many years. French Talbots and Darracqs built under M. Lago are popularly known as "Lago-Talbots" or "Talbot-Lagos".

T 150 Grand Sport z nadwoziem Figoni zaprezentowany w ubiegłym roku w Paryżu.

T120 Figoni & Falaschi




Entries and results:
 24h Le Mans 15.06.1935   Results:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen. class  
8 T 150 Baby Sport Bodoignet / Constant A. Lago / R. Bodoignet dnf    

Entered by Anthony Lago / R. Bodoignet the T 150 Baby Sport 2999 cc (Auguste Bodoignet / Gabriel Constant) at 24h Le Mans.