Talbot Lago 1950


Talbot Lago T15 berline  

Lago Grand Sport

Lago Limousine


T 15 LB Lago Baby 15 CV berline (4 cyl) - ost.rok cabrio
T 26 Lago ReCord 26 CV berline, coach, cabriolet - ost.rok
T 26 Lago Grand Sport Coupé


Grand Sport z nadwoziem Grabera.


1st 24h Le Mans #5 T 26C GS Rosier/Rosier
2nd 24h Le Mans #7 T 26C GS Meyrat/Mairesse
3rd Rudge Withworth Cup #7 T 26C GS Meyrat/Mairesse
Pescara GP Rosier
Belgian GP Rosier
Swiss GP Rosier
Dutch GP Rosier



  24h Le Mans 24.06.1950 Entrant: Results:
gen. class perf.ind.
#5 T 26C GS Rosier / Rosier Rosier 1st 1st - 3001-5000 5th
#6 GS Coupé Morel / Chambas Chambas 13th 6th - 3001-5000 22nd
#7 T 26C GS Meyrat / Mairesse Meyrat 2nd 2nd - 3001-5000 7th


Le Mans.


T 26 G. Rosier ze swoim synem w Le Mans.


French GP, Reims : Pierre Levegh, Talbot-Lago T26C #22, Automobiles Talbot-Darracq, Retired (engine, lap 36).



a salute to Tony Lago

Here is the underdog of European Grand Prix racing. Thus, the supporters of the marque TALBOT find every victory doubly sweet and cause for special rejoicing. To the French, a TALBOT success is very nearly reason enough for national rejoicing, for not only is TALBOT virtually the only car carrying the beloved "bleu" of France these days, but such a victory has almost certainly been achieved with the great and adored Louis Chiron at the wheel. When a victory over Maserati or Ferrari has been won, credits goes equally to the stout of the mount and the driver.
Credit, too, must go to the man behind "Automobile Talbot" who has used the slender resources of his small organization to carry, without State assistance of any kind, the colors of France in International racing. To Monsieur "Tony" Lago, therefore, a special cheer from all those who might feel that some of the huge profit of our own motor manufacturers might well be expended in similar support of American racing teams.
(ROAD and TRACK. April, 1950)





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