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Talbot Ninety De Luxe Sports Saloons has same engine and wheelbase as Seventy-Five models but a 10 ft wheelbase chassis is also available in this series. Model shown is priced at £695.

Talbot Seventy-Five Two/Three-Seater with double dickey seat is one of 11 body options on this 17.9 HP £425 chassis with 9 ft 6 in wheelbase. Engine is an OHV six-cylinder of 2276-cc capacity (69.5 x 100 mm). Prices of complete cars ranges from £525 (model shown) to £695 (Limousine and Landaulette).

Talbot 14/45 HP Light Six Scout is available with two- or four-door Saloon bodywork, both at £395. The engine is a 1666-cc (61 x 95 mm) OHV Six with an output of 45 bhp at 4500 rpm, rated at 13.8 HP.


Pacific Dual Phaeton



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
France 18.06.193224h Le Mans 2 1 1 6 Lewis / Richards T 105 2970cc 3rd (2001-3000cc 3rd)
Tourist Trophy         Rose-Richards T 105 2970cc 6th (over 2000cc 3rd)
          4 Lewis T 105 2970cc 7th (over 2000cc 4th)

3rd in 24h Le Mans: Talbot T 105 (Brian Lewis / Tim Rose-Richards).


Talbot T 105 2970 c.c. finished the Tourist Trophy 6th (T.E. Rose-Richards) and 7th (B.E. Lewis) place, being 3rd and 4th in over 2000 c.c. class respectively.

  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
01.1932  Rallye Monte Carlo   2? 1 38 Gas / Dusanter   11th


 Coupe des Alpes 29.07.1932 Entrant: Results:
        gen. class  
  T 105 Lewis Messrs. Fox & Nicholl, Ltd.      
  T 105 Rose-Richards Messrs. Fox & Nicholl, Ltd.      
  T 105 Garrad Messrs. Fox & Nicholl, Ltd.      


Mackinnon didn't finish in RMC. 






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