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Sunbeam 1962

Rapier Series IIIA
Alpine Series II
Alpine Harrington

Great Britain

Harrington Alpine Type B has modified rear wings as well, doing away with the fins. Modified engines offered by George Hartwell to complete the package giving 110 mph performance.
NO change this time. None needed, either, if the model's continuingly satisfactory sales record is anything to go by. With a full four seats to the Alpine's two, the Rapier, sold in pillarless saloon and convertible forms, makes a natural choice for sports-car lovers whose family commitments incline them to something rather roomier and slightly milder in performance than the Alpine. In its present 1,592 c.c. form (earlier versions' capacity was 1 ½-litres), the twin-carburettor, aluminium-headed Rapier engine is a free and vivacious revver which nevertheless produces plenty of power "low-down". The saloon, due partly to its pillarless construction, is a stand-out for visibility, while the convertible's head is of the familiar Rootes Group type giving three alternative positions-fully closed, fully open and half-way rigged with the driving compartment open to the skies and the rear seats roofed. Drivers extras are available at option, including a heater, whitewall tyres and overdrive.
Engine capacity: 1,592 c.c. Brake horse-power: 80.25 at 5,100 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 8 ft., Price: Saloon £970.7.9. incl. PT. Conv. £1,025.7.9 incl. PT.
ONE of the few sports cars with unitary construction, the Alpine has this feature largely to thank for its hull's rigidity and good strength,, factor relative to weight. Otherwise, in engineering terms, it is fairly conventional. The specification is unchanged this Showtime. With the detachable hard-top that so many customers favour (it's an optional extra), visibility from the cosy cockpit is excellent and the car as a whole has a clean, wind-cheating look. Selling at £956-odd, purchase tax included, the Alpine comes comfortably inside the exclusive "100 m.p.h. for a three-figure price" class. Its engine, the hottest of the fours that the Rootes Group offers, is high-compressioned at 9/1, has dual carburettors and an aluminium cylinder head.
Engine capacity: 1,592 c.c. Brake horse-power: 85.5 at 5,000 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 7 ft 2 in./ Price: £956.12.9 incl. PT.

(London review)


Series IIIA (1592 cc, 75 bhp)



Series II (1592 cc, 80 bhp)
Harrington Le Mans (Type B) (1592 cc, up to 104 bhp)

Alpine s.II at Earls Court.

Alpine with optional hardtop.

Harrington Alpine

Le Mans 1572 cc 104 bhp  
Series C 1572 cc 87.5/90/98 bhp – October



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
27.05.1962 Nürburgring 1000 km       27 Alpine Miller / Shaffer dnf    
23-24.06.1962 Le Mans 24h       32 Alpine Harper/Procter 15th 3rd GT 1.3-1.6 Perf. ind. 15th

Le Mans.

Alpine 1.590 cc (Peter Harper / Peter Procter) at Le Mans.
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
   RMC       Rapier Hopkirk/Scott 3rd

Trzecie miejsce (Hopkirk/ Scott) w RMC modelu Rapier.

Rapier IIIA at the 1962 RAC Rally.