Sunbeam 1968

Imp Sport
Alpine Series V - end of prod.

Great Britain

After many years of making losses, in 1968 Rootes is in financial profit. This group incluses Hillman, Sunbeam, Singer and Humber, belongs since 1964 to Chrysler. The Americans have taken care of their own way. The Rootes Group was completely reorganized, they sold some twigs, reduced the staff and drastically reduced the model range. Although all four brands still exists, there are basically only two model series: the small Hillman Imp and the medium-sized Hillman Minx, each presented in different variations. In most exporting countries, all Rootes passenger cars are sold only under the brand Sunbeam. The Sunbeam Alpine, built from 1959, disappeared from the program. It was no longer able to comply with American safety regulations.

Chrysler-Rootes various Hillman, Singer and even Humber models apears as Sunbeam (Imp, Vogue, Scepte) in certain overseas markets.

Both Imp and Stiletto models get double headlamps from 1968. In October, the entire Imp range was upgraded to Mk III specification. This mean an all new dashboard (not for the Stiletto) and interior trim.
A Holbay-tuned version, the Rapier H120, was unveiled in October. The H120 feature a redesigned cylinder head and twin Weber 40DCOE carburettors. The H120 is easily identifiable by its Rostyle wheels, go-faster stripes and bootlid spoiler.

Powstały 19122 sztuki Alpine s.V.


Imp Sport and Stiletto

Imp Sport (875 cc, 51 bhp)
Stiletto (875 cc, 51 bhp)

Imp Sport



Rapier (1725 cc, 79 bhp)
Rapier H120 (1725 cc, 105 bhp) - new

Once in a while, a new car arrives on the scene and suddenly you know that something important is happening in the world of motoring. The arrival of the new Sunbeam Rapier is just such a moment... a car destined to be one of the most wanted and admired models of the decade because of its international styling and outstanding performance.
  Unquestionably a car that will appeal to your sporting spirit and love of freedom, the new Rapier alsoo has many sophisticated qualities that give lasting pleasure. Whether you're speeding to wide open spaces, or moving proudly with the smart set in town, it's a fabulous car for every occasion.
  For all its sporting performance and fast-looking lines, the new Sunbeam Rapier doesn't ask you to sacrifice your creature comforts and love of the better things in life. For this is a sophisticated and eminently civilised car.
  Step inside the brilliant new Rapierr and look around. With its panoramic visibility and pillar-less door construction, it's almost like being in an open car! But no open car ever offered you this much protection, this much luxury, this much svelte style and practical sense.
  Here's the sleek silhouette that will make you one of the 'best' talked about people in town. Or out of it for that matter! It's the kind of flattery and car that gets you everywhere. It opens up a new way of life. Packed with excitement. And more serious business.

Rapier H-120



Alpine Series V (1725 cc, 93 bhp) - end of prod.


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