Sunbeam 1955

Alpine – end of prod.
Rapier – introduced

Great Britain

Sunbeam (classic convertibles 25)

Sunbeam 90 Mark III Saloon and Drophead Coupé - high performance 2 ¼-litre engined sports models are continued with a number of changes which include engine modifications - increased bhp, slotted wheel discs, laterally extended air intake grilles, air exit portholes in the scuttle sides and a redesigned facia panel. It achieved many successes in international rallies during the late '40s and the '50s. The name Talbot was dropped from the car name plates in the summer of 1954.
Alpine open two-seater sports model is mechanically similar to the 90 from which it was developed, primarily for export. Externally it is distinguishable from the 90 Drophead Coupé by its flatter rear end, smaller, deeper air-intakes beside the radiator, separate sidelamps and the absence of door handles and scuttle portholes. The Alpine broke two records in Belgium on its first road test; the flying mile at 119.402 mph and the flying kilometre at 120.132 mph. Approximately 3000 examples were produced.

First of the unit construction cars from Rootes Group introduced in 1955 is Sunbeam Rapier with two door body with wrap around rear window, and wind down side windows to give a pillarless appearance. Coil spring ifs cart sprung rear, and hydraulic drum brakes. Styled by the Raymond Loewy studios Rapier's shells are made by Pressed Steel in Cowley. The shell is then shipped to Thrupp & Maberly in Cricklewood for painting and trimming. From there the shell is moved to the Rootes plant at Ryton for final assembly. The Rapier features the 1390cc overhead valve Rootes engine first seen in the 1954 Minx. It features independent front suspension via coil springs and wishbones, with a live rear axle via leaf springs.



Mk III (2267 cc, 80 bhp)
 Drophead Coupé - end of prod.

May '55

TAKE THE WHEEL of the new Sunbeam Mark III and feel the litho power under your control - experience the flight of speed, the manoeuvrability of this exciting, rally-bred car. You will admire the ease of handling such high performance with sure, deft controls and the security of powerful brakes. You will enjoy the quiet comfort of its smooth, luxury travel.
  For the Sunbeam Mark III is a brilliant car which continues a brilliant career. Champion of international rallies, star of famous concours d'élégance, the new Sunbeam now improves on performance which won so many world awards.
  Thee hard-won knowledge gained in competition events - in Great Britain and Europe, in Canada, Australia and the United States - has evolved still finer engineering excellence. The lusty 2¼-litre engine now develops 80 b.h.p., gives a smarter performance, livelier acceleration, and a top speed of 95 m.p.h. - yet fuel economy is better than before. A new optional Overdrive further extends the flexibility of the top-gear range.
  Inn the interior you have greater comfort and luxury, with armchair driving ease. The adjustable driving seat with padded armrests is a logical part of an ideal driving position, designed for effortless long-distance and high performance travel. Many detail refinements and additional improvements enhance the overall appeal.
  The proud new Sunbeam Mark III is the car to satisfy the most ambitious motorist every day, on business or pleasure,, you can enjoy its rally performance. It is the car you must see, you must drive to judge its outstanding merit.



Alpine (2267 cc, 80 bhp)



Rapier (1390 cc, 62 bhp)

Rapier at Earls Court Motor Show in London.



Zwycięstwo (Mulling/ Fadum) w RMC (Sunbeam 2,3l.)