Sunbeam 1930

Three-Litre - ost.rok (od '25)
Sixteen (od '27)
Twenty (od '29)
Twenty-Five (od '29)

Great Britain

Approximately 315 Three-Litre were made.
In 1930, the Sixteen suspension was changed to semi-elliptics all the way round. Around 3,495 examples of the 1926-1930 type were made.
Production of the 1926-30 the Twenty type ran to around 2560 units. In 1930, the 20 was revised with a new 3317cc OHV six (rating 23.8 hp), Zenith carburettor and a slightly larger chassis. Other revisions included vacuum servo brakes and a silent third gearbox.
In 1930, for Twenty-Five a vacuum brake servo was added and Stromberg carburettor fitted. Sunbeam made one final attempt on the Land Speed Record in 1930 with The Silver Bullet, built for Kaye Don. Despite it dramatic appearance and supercharged twin V12s totalling 48000cc, it was a disaster and achieved nothing.
W ubiegłym roku Henry Segrave na dwusilnikowym Sunbeamie Golden Arrow pobił światowy rekord prędkości, osiągając 372,5 km/h.






Sunbeam 25 HP is one of four types offered by this famous manufacturer. The six-cylinder OHV engine measure 80 x 120 mm (3619 cc) and develop 70 bhp. Treasury rating is 23.8 HP. The wheelbase is just over 11 ft 5 in, the tyre size 6.00-21. The Rally Weymann Saloon with side-mounted spare wheels cost £1075 and is supplied only to special order.


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
26-29.01.1930 Rallye Monte Carlo 2 2 2 22 25 HP Pass 31st

Silver Bullet