Stanguellini 1960



  24h Le Mans 26.06.1960 Entrant: Results: index
#         gen. class perf. eff.
55 Bialbero 740 741 cm³ Quilico/Reis Stanguellini fail. - - -
61 750 Sport 741 cm³ Guiraud/Foury Stanguellini dns - - -

March American advert.

Bialbero 740, engine: 741 cm³ (Raymond Quilico / Carlos Manuel Reis) by Automobili Stanguellini at Le Mans.


ONE OF THE THREE Stanguellinis entered last year finished, and is eligible for competing in the Biennial Cup. The 750 c.c.-engined version has been entered again, and another one is listed among the reserves. Engine is basically Fiat, with a 2-o.h.c. conversion and downdraught Weber carburettors.
(Le Mans)




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