Swallow Sport 1933

S.S. I

Great Britain

Dwa modele oferowane przez firmę Swallow Sport bazują na konstrukcji Standarda. Na ten rok przekonstruowano ramy, zwiększając rozstawy osi oraz dodano opcjonalny silnik o większej mocy.

SS Cars Ltd. offer two models, the six-cylinder SS I based on Standard Sixteen mechanical components and the SS II which use the Standard Little Nine as a basis. The SS I differe from the 1931-32 model mainly in having restyled wings and more elegant bodystyling. New, longer chassis and optional 20 h.p. engine. The SS II can be called a scaled-down version of the SS I.

IN INTRODUCING the 1933 S.S. Cars, we do so with a filling of extreme confidence that we satisfying the demand which exists for cars possesing not only a distinctive individuality, but also those qualities desired by the discriminating motorist - exceptional road performance, accommodation and comfort.
  The 19333 S.S. I is designed to fulfil the requiremants of the most exacting owner. The grace of line and dignity of the new model embellish qualities of invaluable worth - smooth engine power throug silent gears, a new chassis frame of immense strength, springing providing soft comfort, yet road holding qualities whlch are uncanny, luxurious arm-chair seating between the wheelbase, with the confort of a Pullman coach, spacious luggage trunk, silent coachwork of lasting quality, superlative exterior finish.
  The 1933 S.S. II, possesing many of the qualities of the S.S. I, is a car designed to meet the ideals of those who desire a small car embodying all the most expensive models - luxurious seating for two adults and two juvenile passengers, spacious accommodation for luggage, in fact everything to fulfil the wishes of the most exacting owner.



SS I 16 h.p. (6 cyl, 2054 cc; wb: 9 ft 11 in)
SS I 20 h.p.



SS II 9 h.p. (4 cyl, 1005 cc; wb: 7 ft 7 in)