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Singer 1949

Super Ten - discontinued
Super Twelve - discontinued
Nine Roadster
SM 1500

Great Britain

Singer SM1500 Saloon made its appearance in October 1948, and during 1949 the earlier Super Ten and Twelve Saloons were phased out. The SM1500 was placed into quantity production in mid-1949, alongside the Nine Roadster. It is an entirely new modernized model with coil-spring IFS, full-width body on longer wheelbase (separate) chassis. Power unit is modernised ohc twelve engine, now of 1506cc giving 48bhp and 72 mph. Four speed gearbox have column change. The body styling is not as elegant as most of its contenders in the 1½-litre class. The price is £799.
Roadster 4A from late 1949, gets four speed box from the new SM 1500 saloon a Solex carburettor and other detail modifications.


Ten and Eight

Super Ten (1193 cc, 37 bhp)
  Saloon (wb: 7'11'')
Super Twelve (1525 cc, 43 bhp)
  Saloon (wb: 8'7'')

Super 10


Nine Roadster

Nine (1074 cc, 36 bhp)
 Roadster (wb: 7'7'')


SM 1500

SM 1500 (1506 cc, 48 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8'11½'')

BEHIND the introduction of a new car there is always a fascinating story. To-day, with its need for the capture of Export Markets and the development of opportunities denied to the motorist throughh long years of war — the story behind the S.M. Series reveals a new richness in designing-planning-detail, and courage to accept the challenge of to-day.
  The scene has changed from the times when Ruskin and Morris thundered against the ugliness of the mechanical age. The S.M.1500, being an entirely new car throughout, saw engineer and stylist working happily together to provide that combination of mechanical perfection and beauty which can only be possible in a motor car conceived as an entirety. In presenting this dramatically and completely new car, Singer engineers and stylists achieved such a combination allied with that dignity which is the prerogative of the British manufacturer.
  From the distinctive front grille to the rear bumper — from the modern styled gauges to the moulded rear window — the S.M.1500 has been expertly designed for beauty, comfort, durability, and engineer built for performance through the years to come.
  Among its many refinements are several features designed especially for safety and comfort, including two leading shoe brake system — superb driving vision — exceptional rear visibility — air conditioning and de-misting channels.
  It is plainly evident that the S.M.1500 is destined to make its mark in the world of style and discriminating people, and in the following sheets we have attempted to do justice to this fine car by artist's impressions and technical detail, but full appreciation of the appeal of the S.M.1500 can only come through intimate handling of the car — your Distributor will gladly arrange a demonstration.




Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans 25.06.1949 Entrant: Results:
        gen. class
#56 (983 cc) Savoye / Renault Savoye fail. -

Le Mans.