Classic Car Catalogue

Singer 1930

8 Junior
Senior Six
Super Six

Great Britain

November '29
Junior have an 848-cc (56 x 86 mm) OHC four-cylinder engine of 7.78 HP and three-speed gearbox.
Singer Super Six is the company's top-line model and the Coupé cost £350. The Saloon on the 9 ft 64 in wheelbase chassis is sold at the same price. Engine is a 1920-cc (65.5 x 95 mm) 45-bhp OHV Six, rated at 15.91 HP. Singer also produce a smaller, 37-bhp 1792-cc side-valve Six, rated at 15.7 HP.

June '29
Motor Sport; Sports Models for 1931 October 1930
The Singer list includes two sports models—a two-seater mounted on a "Super Six" chassis and the "Porlock" Sports Junior two-seater.
"Super Six" — engine: 6-cylinder, 65.5 mm. bore x 95 mm. stroke, 15.91 h.p., push-rod operated O.H.V., 7-bearing crankshaft, battery-and-coil ignition, Solex carburettor; clutch: single dry plate, gearbox: 4-speeds, right hand change; suspension: half-elliptics and shock absorbers all round.
"Junior" — engine: 4-cylinder, 56 mm, bore x 86 mm. stroke, 7.78 h.p., O.H.V. operated by overhead camshaft, coil-and-battery ignition, Solex carburettor; clutch: single dry plate; gearbox: 4-speeds, central change; suspension: semi-elliptics and shock absorbers all round.

8 Junior

8 Junior (848 cc)

Junior Saloon

October '29

May '30

October '29

Singer with a mascot. The St. Denys Sisters, well-known Music Hall artists, and their Singer Junior Sportsman's Coupé. This little 8 HP two-seater Coupé sold at £165 and is mechanically similar to the Junior Saloon except that the engine develop 19•6 bhp at 4000 rpm as compared with 16 at 3600.

Singer Porlock Two-Seater on original run of 100 consecutive climbs of Porlock Hill, North Devon, which gave the model its name.


10 (1261 cc)


Senior Six

Senior Six (1792 cc)


Super Six

Super Six (1920 cc)

Super 6 Coupé