Singer 1958

Gazelle Mk II - end of prod.
Gazelle Mk IIA - February
Gazelle Mk III - September

Great Britain

Singer Gazelle Estate Car was added to the Saloon and Convertible which were modified and became Series II in the autumn of 1957. The capacity of the petrol tank is increased to 10 gallons and overdrive became optionally available.
In the spring of 1958 a 1494-cc overhead-valve engine and recirculating ball type steering gear were introduced; the range then became known as the Series IIA.
Series III was introduced in September. Changes include a different front end in which grilles with horizontal bar replaced the pressings on each side of the radiator grille, cowled headlamps and a bonnet motif.


Gazelle Mk II

Gazelle II (1497 cc, 49 bhp) - end
Gazelle IIA (1494 cc, 56 bhp) - February
 Saloon (wb: 8'0'')
 Convertible (wb: 8'0'')
 Estate (wb: 8'0'')

Gazelle Estate Car


Gazelle Mk III

Gazelle III (1494 cc, 56 bhp) - September
 Saloon (wb: 8'0'')
 Convertible (wb: 8'0'')
 Estate (wb: 8'0'')