Classic Car Catalogue

Simca do Brasil 1967

  wb: 2690 mm V8 cyl.
2414 cm³
130 hp (SAE)
V8 cyl.
2505 cm³
140 hp (SAE)
Chambord Sedan 4-dr - – discontinued
Jangada Kombi 4-dr - – discontinued
Esplanada Sedan 4-dr -  
Regente Sedan 4-dr - – new model


In its Brazilian branch, Simca continues to build the home-abandoned Simca Chambord. It was repeatedly modernized and is now called the Esplanada.
In the second half of 1966 Chrysler took over as majority shareholder and from August 1967 onwards cars left the production line with a small badge at the rear, saying “fabricado pela Chrysler” (built by Chrysler). In the foreseeable future the Simca will replaced by a Brazilian Chrysler Valiant.

Esplanada - Chrysler

Esplanada - Simca