Classic Car Catalogue

Sbarro 1968

Dominique III
Formule 5000
Formule libre
Chevrolet Corvette Le Mans
(conversion to Ford GT40 engine)


Dominique III

Atelier de Construction Automobile Sbarro was founded in April. The first car is a one-off Dominique III powered by 4.7 litre Ford V8 (original GT 40) engine. The number III refers to the third car designed by Franco Sbarro, the first two being Filipinetti 1 and Filipinetti 2.

Replicas of the famous racing Ford GT 40 are built on the chassis of the De Tomaso Pantera to the exact original specification.

Sbarro developed a racing car to meet the standards of the new Formula 5000. This car is equipped with an 8-cylinder engine of 5 liters developing 450 horsepower. The low weight of the car permits an incredible speed of 280 km/h.