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99 GL

99 L

SAAB 99 COMBI-COUPE from £2,049
On sale in England for the first time, the Combi-Coupé combines station wagon versatility with smart coupe lines. Higher compression boosts the output of the slant four overhead-cam engine to 100 b.h.p. in carburetter form and higher torque improves flexibility. The gearbox on saloon and coupé has stronger bearings, steering ratio is changed to secure easier parking and the brakes are new Girlings.
Front-wheel drive; four-cyl.; o.h.c.; 90 x 78mm.; 1,985c.c.; 100/110 b.h.p.;
8.7 to 1 comp.; Zenith -Stromberg carb. or Bosch injection; 4-speed.

SAAB 99 COMBI from £2,930
The three-door front-drive SAAB Combi is now produced in two types, the Combi 99, and the 99 GLS, the latter model with a twin-carburettor engine. The new GLS has a plus of eight bhp (DIN) over its single-carburettor stablemate, but the manufacturers also claim a five per cent improvement in fuel consumption. With its inclined front-mounted ohc engine derived from the Triumph Dolomite unit, the Combi is a spirited performer, as well as being a very capacious load-carrier. The tail-panel lifts up, and the rear seat folds for maximum carrying capacity.





SAAB 96 £1,425
Directly descended from the two-stroke models produced just after World War II, this Saab still has the original aerodynamic line but is now driven by a German-built Ford V4 engine. Its form, planned by aircraft engineers, gives low wind resistance and stability in side winds. Rear seats fold away for extra luggage space. There is also a six-seater 95 station wagon with third row of seats facing rearwards.
Front-wheel drive; four-cyl.; o.h.v.; 90 x 58.8mm.; 1,498c.c.; 65 b.h.p.

SAAB 96 £2,048
Two - door Ford - powered saloon from the Swedish aircraft / car manufacturer is noted for spirited performance and good handling. For 1976 the front-drive 96 is fitted with the unusual absorption bumpers which were adopted some years ago on the 99 model. With their cell-type construction, the bumpers will absorb traffic knocks and return to shape. By replanning the interior, the SAAB engineers have also found another 5 cm of rear legroom, and there are detail improvements to the facia. There is a soft-rim steering wheel rim as on the SAAB 99.

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99 (USA)

wb: 97.4 in. 4 cyl.
118 hp (SAE)
Sedan 2-dr LE/EMS
Sedan 4-dr LE


99 LE 2-dr Sedan

99 LE 4-dr Sedan

99 EMS has wider track front and rear.