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SAAB 1959


93 B (748cc, 33 hp, wb: 2488 mm) – discontinued
93 F (748cc, 33 hp, wb: 2488 mm) – new model
GT 750 (748 cc, 50/55 hp, wb: 2488 mm)
95 (841 cc, 38 hp, wb: 2488 mm) – May

Saab 93F.

Stany Zjednoczone stały się bardzo ważnym rynkiem dla Saaba. Od 1956, do końca bieżącego roku firma sprzedała tam ponad 12.000 samochodów.
Eric Carlsson zwyciężył w Rajdzie 1000 Jezior.

For 1959 Saab 93 received a larger front brake drums, windscreen washer and asymetric headlights. Brackets for seatbelts in other markets are now standard.

An optional engine tuning kit for a GT750 Super increase the output of 55hp. The GT750 Super is more sports car than family car with its hard and cramped rear seat but comfortable front seats that could be adjusted to any one of fourteen positions.

Saab unveiled the Saab 95 Station Wagon in May 1959. It is equipped with the two-stroke 841cc engine and four speed gearbox. Production started in the autumn. Saab aimed to build a trial series of 20 units - but 55 were produced by the end of December. The prototype presented to the press was a blue and white two-tone finish with doors hung from their trailing edge. Forward of the rear door pillars the 95 is essentially the same as the 93B.

93F with front hinged doors was introduced as 1960 model.

Motor 59/10-14, Ruiz 206, 207


Saab 93B

Saab 95


Monster – prototype



The Monster is essentially a Saab 93 stripped of all unnecessary weight - even the bonnet is plastic - with two 748cc three cylinder two stroke engines installed in the engine bay. The engine(s!) had a combined swept volume of almost 1.5 litres and developed "well over 100bhp". At the Såtenäs airfield, Saab engineers timed the Monster at 196km/h, unfortunately this reCord was set under the wrong conditions there being no independent inspectors and the run was made in one direction only. The Monster was also exercised around the Gelleråsen circuit near Karlskroga where it was found to be difficult to corner. The power was too much for a pinion in the transmission.



Two Saab 93s compete in the 24 Hours at Le Mans. One of them, driven by Sture Nottorp and Gunnar Bengtsson, comes in twelfth place overall and is second in its class.
Erik Carlsson scores an overt victory in the Midnight Sun Rally and in the Swedish Rally.


  24h Le Mans 21.06.1959 Entrant: Results:
#         gen. class perf.index
43 93 Sport 748 cm³ Hurrell / North Hurrell / North fail. - -
44 93 Sport 748 cm³ Nottorp / Bengtsson S. Nottorp 12th 3rd - GT 750 8th
1st Swedish Rally   96 Carlsson

Le Mans.


Le Mans.