Saab 1962


96 / 95 (841 cm³, 38 KM)
Sport (841 cm³, 52 KM) - nowy model


Seryjne pasy bezpieczeństwa we wszystkich modelach. Saab Sport jest to usportowiona wersja modelu 96. Wzrost mocy uzyskano dzięki zastosowaniu 3 gaźników Solex.
Eric Carlsson zwyciężył w Rajdzie Monte Carlo.

The Saab Sport, with a separately lubricated 841cc, three-carburettor engine of 52 hp, premieres at the Stockholm Motor Show on 17-25 February.

From January, all cars for Sweden are fitted with seat belts in front.

New features for the 1962 model year include modified suppression, vacuum conrolled ignition. New body colours are city-grey and arctic ocean blue. The seats now had woollen cloth upholstery.



Saab 96

Saab 95


Zwycięstwo (Carlsson/ Haggbom) w RMC (96).
Zwycięstwo (Carlsson/ Stone) w rajdzie R.A.C. (96).

Erik Carlsson and Gunnar Häggbom won overall in the Monte Carlo Rally. The entry number of the winning car was 303.