Classic Car Catalogue

Rolls Royce 1930

20/25 HP (6 cyl., 3669 cc; wb: 3275/3350 mm)
Phantom II (6 cyl., 7668 cc; wb: 3650/3810 mm)
New Phantom (USA) (6 cyl., 7668 cc; wb: 3640/3820 mm)

Great Britain

The 20/25 HP chassis has a wheelbase of 10 ft 9 in and is priced at £1185. Engine is a 3680-cc (82 x 114 mm) OHV Six, rated at 25.3 HP. Tyre size is 6.50-19.
The Phantom II has 6.75-21 tyres and a 7668-cc (107.95 x 140 mm) six-cylinder OHV engine, rated at 43.3 HP. The chassis prices are £1850 (SWB) and £1950 (LWB).

20/25 HP


Rolls-Royce 20/25 HP with Four-door Four-light Saloon bodywork by Arthur Mulliner Ltd. of Northampton. Note the side lights, incorporated in the forward end of the wings.

Phantom II


Phantom II chassis with 'Colonial' tourer-type bodywork.

Rolls-Royce Phantom II built for Emperor Haile Selassie. The coachwork is specially designed and made by Hooper and incorporate an extension seat for attendant Abyssinian warriors.

Phantom II chassis with Belgian Vanden Plas bodywork.

Phantom II Barker sedanca de ville 187GY without valances below the doors, but shaped to maintain the earlier line. It also has the running board as an extension of the mudguard.

Phantom II z nadwoziem Hoopera.

New Phantom (USA)






  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
26-29.01.1930 Rallye Monte Carlo 2 ? 1 42 Phantom Gilchrist 77th