Rolls Royce 1932

20/25 HP (6 cyl., 3669 cc; wb: 3275/3350 mm)
Phantom II (6 cyl., 7668 cc; wb: 3650/3810 mm)

Great Britain

Rolls-Royce 40/50 HP Phantom II has 7768-cc OHV six-cylinder engine rated at 43.3 HP. The 20/25 HP model also has six cylinders but is of less than half this cubic capacity and rated at 25.3 HP. Both has four-speed gearbox and servo brakes.


20/25 HP

20/25 hp GMU24 pillarless saloon, a Show car, delivered to ES Crummack. This shows the features Allan Arnold made a hallmark: high waist line, contrasting paint scheme, polished or plated discs. Early pillarless designs used obtrusive exposed hinges.


Phantom II