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Rover 1974

Range Rover
Land Rover

Great Britain


2200 and 3500

2200 SC (R4 cyl, 2205 cc, 98 bhp)
2200 TC (R4 cyl, 2205 cc, 115 bhp)
3500 V8 (V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 144 bhp)
3500 S (V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 143 bhp)

At first glance the Rover 2200 SC, TC and SC Automatic cars look very much like the Rover 2000 models they supersede. The mixture as before, you might think. Certainly the main ingrediens are still there — the stylish, well-groomed appearance, the safety which was designed into the 2000 long before it became the fashionable subject it is today, the overall refinement and engineering quality. In fact, all the ingredients which have made the 2000 the success story of the decade. But this well-tried mixture has now been given an extra potency, a more purposeful bite. More cc's under the bonnet gives higher performance while a lower compression ratio on the TC makes for cleaner operation generally and allows the car to run happily on 4-star fuel. And a large, 15-gallon fuel tank has increased the cruising range. Inside the car, seat facings in box-pleated, double-corded brushed nylon will immediately meet your eye but, of course, you will feel the full benefit of this non-shining, hard-wearing material in the seat of your pants. Leather can be provided as an alternative. Add to all this a greater degree of sound insulation and you will realise that the 2200 represents exceptional value even for Rover. There is no car of higher standing at the price and few better in any price bracket for promoting safety, confidence and relaxation in the cut and thrust of modern road travel.

2200 TC

3500 S

2200 SC


Range Rover

(V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 132 bhp)
   Estate 3-dr (wb: 2540 mm)


Land Rover

88 series III, wheelbase 2235 mm
   R4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 70 bhp-DIN
   R4 cyl. diesel, 2286 cc, 62 bhp-DIN
109 series III, wheelbase 2769 mm
   R4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 70 bhp-DIN
   R4 cyl. diesel, 2286 cc, 62 bhp-DIN
   R6 cyl. petrol, 2625 cc, 86 bhp-DIN
Lightweight series III (for military only)
   R4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 70 bhp-DIN
101 FC, wheelbase 2565 mm (for military only)
   V8 cyl. 3528 cc


After more than 25 years of hard work in the field and effortless travel on the road, the Land-Rover has proved itself to be the world's most versatile vehicle.
You see it almost everywhere, and usually where you least expect to find any kind of transport at all! So it's not easy to describe in a few words what it means to own a Land-Rover—because it means so many different things to so many different people. People such as the Military and Police forces of sixty five countries, expeditions, surveyors, construction companies, and many thousands of private owners, all of whom use Land-Rovers simply because no other vehicle can do all the things they want them to do—like being used as personnel carriers, vans, station wagons, light trucks or, when specially equipped, as Fire Appliances - mobile campers - crop sprayers, ambulances - mobile workshops - grass mowers - armoured cars - patrol cars - mobile cinemas and a whole lot of other uses.
On the road and across the country—it's the go anywhere vehicle without comparison.
The basic facts
Land-Rovers are available in two basic kinds. There is the 88" regular and the 109" long wheelbase models, and both have much in common, including 4-wheel drive. But you may have particular needs in common, so we make as many as 27 body variations. We offer a choice of engines; the 2¼ litre 4 cylinder petrol or diesel engine for the regular and long wheelbase vehicles, and 2.6 litre, 6 cylinder petrol engine which is available for the long wheelbase Land-Rover only.
Additionally there is an extensive range of optional extras including power take-off equipment and special purpose tyres. In other words when you buy one of these unique vehicles you are buying almost a custom built machine, tailored to your own individual requirements.
Why we designed the Land-Rover
The Land-Rover was conceived as a vehicle that would take you almost anywhere, do almost anything, and carry you safely through almost any conditions. Here are a few examples of what it can do:
The Land-Rover will operate in sand, on ice, and in deep mud, slush, snow and water—in fact it will operate in conditions that no two wheel drive vehicle can. It will tow trailers, ford rivers, and climb the steepest gradient with an ease that will amaze you.
It is purpose-built for every need
From the outside the Land-Rover is a very functional looking machine. It has to be. Its practical design and rugged construction is essential to enable it to do the toughest work you want it to. The Land-Rover has an aluminium alloy, non-corrosive body which is bolted on to a box section 14G steel chassis with sturdy cross members. It is dip-painted inside and out to prevent any rusting. It is built with a good ground clearance and low centre of gravity so it is tough enough, rugged enough and stable enough to stand any amount of hard work across country.
The 4-wheel drive transmission and power unit
The Land-Rover main gear box has four forward gears and one reverse. An additional set of ratios is provided by a transfer box which works by selecting a lever so that in all you have eight forward and two reverse gears. More than enough when you couple this transmission with the power of the Land-Rover engines to get you through trouble. With the Land-Rover you have the confidence you need to tackle almost anything, and the already proven ability to do it.
But what about comfort?
With all this talk of hard work it is almost too easy to overlook one of the most important features of the Land-Rover. For this vehicle has been created with the kind of comfort you expect to find in a saloon car. Padded seats, covered in hard wearing PVC making a journey across rough ground comfortable for driver and passenger alike and the semi-elliptical under-slung road springs and hydraulic double acting telescopic shock absorbers help to even out undulations in the roughest country. Padded crash rails round the full width of the vehicle above and below the fascia parcel shelf for extra safety. The driving position has been designed to give you a full view of all the instruments and to give you maximum visibility all around, and all the controls from the gear transfer lever to the hand brake are within easy reach. Direction indicators, horn, headlamp flasher and dip switch are operated by a single finger tip control mounted on the steering column. What all this means is that you take it easy and let the Land-Rover take on all the hard work.

1. Full length canvas hood
2. Full length canvas hoodd with side windows for export
3. Hardtop with tailboard and top hinged flap
4. Hardtop with side hinged rear door
5. Hardtop with fixed side windows (export only) tailboard and top hingedd flap
6. Hardtop with fixed side windows (export only) and side hinged rear door
7. Hardtop with sliding side windows (export only) tailboard and top hingedd flap
8. Hardtop with sliding side windows (export only) and side hinged rear door
9. Cab, ¾ canvas hood with side windows for export
10. Cab, ¾ canvas hood
11. Cab, open rear body
12. Chassis with cab and cab base
13. Chassis with wings, dash and seat-base
14. Cab and open rear body
15. Cab and ¾ canvas hood
16. Cab and ¾ canvas hood with side windows for export
17. Chassis with cab and cab base
18. Full length canvas hood
19. Full length canvas hoodd with side windows for export
20. Hardtop with tailboardd and top hinged flap
21. Hardtop with side hinged rear door
22. Hardtop with tailboard and top hinged flap and fixed side windows for export
23. Hardtop with side hinged rear door and fixedd side windows for export
24. Chassis with wings dash and seat-base
25. Station wagon 7 seater
26. Station wagon 10 seater
27. Station wagon 12 seater