Classic Car Catalogue

Rover 1973

3½-Litre (P5B) - discontinued (1967-73 - 20600 ex.)
2000/2200/3500 (P6)
Range Rover
Land Rover

Great Britain


2000 and 3500

2000 SC (R4 cyl, 1978 cc, 89 bhp) - discontinued
2000 TC (R4 cyl, 1978 cc, 110 bhp) - discontinued
2200 SC (R4 cyl, 2205 cc, 98 bhp) - new model
2200 TC (R4 cyl, 2205 cc, 115 bhp) - new model
3500 V8 (V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 144 bhp)
3500 S (V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 150/143 bhp)

ROVER 2200 From £2,019
Like its predecessor the Rover 2000, the 2200 comes in three types, SC manual SC automatic, and twin-carburettor TC. Introduced ten years ago, the highly successful four-cylinder, four-door saloon with de Dion rear suspension and masses of inbuilt safety features, gets more power from an enlarged engine for 1974. The 2.2-litre overhead camshaft motor has reduced exhaust emissions, and the 115 b.h.p. (DIN) TC is happy to run on lower octane petrol. The new models also have improved sound insulation, quieter exhaust, improved rear legroom, and a 15-gallon fuel tank.
ROVER 3500
'S': £2,444
Auto: £2,531
To meet future exhaust emission regulations and to permit operation on lead-reduced, lower-octane fuels, Rover 3500 and 3500S models are powered by a new lower-compression version of the celebrated lightalloy V8 engine. The Rover Company claims there is no appreciable loss in performance, and on the 3500 there is the new Borg-Warner Type 65 automatic transmission which provides smoother changes. A vinyl roof is now standard on both 3500 and 3500S, Dunlop's revolutionary Denovo 'run-fiat' tyre is offered on option for both models, with power-steering.

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2200 TC

3500 S



P5B (V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 151 bhp) - discontinued


Range Rover

(V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 132 bhp)
   Estate 3-dr (wb: 2540 mm)

The unique four wheel drive 'go-anywhere' vehicle that is as much at home at the pheasant shoot or the Savoy continues with minor modifications for the new model year. The celebrated Rover V8 engine has had its exhaust emissions reduced, a heated rear window is standard equipment, and there is a higher-output alternator. Earlier this year power-steering was made an optional extra, a factor which makes this unusually useful car more suitable for lady drivers. The Range Rover has masses of carrying capacity yet will cruise the European motorways at 90 m.p.h. on low-grade petrol.

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Land Rover

88 series III, wheelbase 2235 mm
   R4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 70 bhp-DIN
   R4 cyl. diesel, 2286 cc, 62 bhp-DIN
109 series III, wheelbase 2769 mm
   R4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 70 bhp-DIN
   R4 cyl. diesel, 2286 cc, 62 bhp-DIN
   R6 cyl. petrol, 2625 cc, 86 bhp-DIN
Lightweight series IIA (for military only) - discontinued
Lightweight series III (for military only) - new model
   R4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 70 bhp-DIN
101 FC, wheelbase 2565 mm (for military only)
   V8 cyl. 3528 cc