Classic Car Catalogue

Rover 1971

3½-Litre (P5B)
2000/3500 (P6)
Range Rover
Land Rover s.IIA - discontinued
Land Rover S.III - October

Great Britain


2000 and 3500

2000 SC (R4 cyl, 1978 cc, 89 bhp)
2000 TC (R4 cyl, 1978 cc, 110 bhp)
3500 V8 (V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 144 bhp)
3500 S (V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 150 bhp) - October

ROVER 2000
S.C.: £1,683 (incl. P.T.)
T.C.: £1,787 (incl. P.T.)
Auto.: £1,812 (incl. P.T.)
The Rover 2000 range, restyled last year for the first time since it was introduced back in 1963, is in such demand that you still have to put your name down and wait. For 1972 there are further improvements aimed at driver convenience and engineering safety. There are three versions of course - the SC, which stands for single carb, TC, which means twin carb, and the SC automatic, all of them powered by the 1978 c.c. four-cylinder engine. The more sporting TC, which has a top speed of 112 m.p.h., has circular instruments. They are rectangular in the SC and automatic.
ROVER 3500 'S'
3500S: £1,977 (incl. P.T.)
3500: £2,058 (incl. P.T.)
New this year is a manual gearbox version of this luxurious and powerful four-seater, with performance to satisfy most enthusiasts. Top speed is 125 m.p.h. and there is 0-60 acceleration in a dust-raising 9.6 seconds! The manual box has been developed to satisfy demand and is a modified version of the 2000 gearbox, beefed up to take the extra torque, and with the improved change that all the Rovers have this year. External differences from the automatic 3500 include special wheel trims and a vinyl roof. All this and the bill comes out at £81 cheaper!

London report

2000 TC

3500 S

3500 S


P5B (V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 151 bhp)

Sal.: £2,548 (incl. P.T.)
Coupé: £2,657 (incl. P.T.)
There are not many big and comfortable British saloons left, but the Rover is certainly one of them. In fact, it also comes in a more sporting Coupé style, but both of them are powered by the 3528 c.c. V8 light-alloy engine, that quietly gets on with the job of producing enough power to gush these heavy cars along with remarkable verve. The body style is dated after more than a decade of life, but the interior is traditional Rover, which means luxury in the soft leather, thick carpets and polished wood style. Definitely a car for executives.

London report

Range Rover

(V8 cyl, 3528 cc, 132 bhp)
   Estate 3-dr (wb: 2540 mm)

RANGE ROVER £2,134 (incl. P.T.)
Rover's factory at Solihull cannot make anywhere near enough of this unique vehicle, which really did introduce a new motoring concept. It is a comfortable, five-seater estate car that will cruise on motorways at 90 m.p.h. (abroad, of course!) OR climb the sides of mountains OR drive across ploughed fields at speed OR do a dozen other things. It is powered by Rover's 3.5 litre V8 engine, detuned to run on cheap fuel, and has permanent four-wheel drive. It also has a four-speed synchro gearbox with a two-speed transfer gear, giving ultra-low ratios for difficult work.

London report

Comfort and safety of a very high order are to be found in the passenger compartment. The wide doors offer extreme ease of entry to front and rear seats which themselves provide outstanding body support for up to five people. In the Range Rover you sit up and take notice.
The individual front seats are constructed on the safety-seat principle. They are very strong and fitted with built-in lap and diagonal safety harness. The backrest on each seat can be tipped forward, the movement automatically causing the whole seat to slide forward thus giving additional room for access to the rear. The backrests are securely held in the normal position by a strong locking lever. Both seats are adjustable fore and aft; the driver's seat in the conventional manner, the passenger's seat by spanner to one of two fixed positions.
A full-width rear seat provides first-class accommodation for three passengers. The backrest may be folded down and the whole assembly tipped forward to stow vertically behind the front seats. The usable load space thus achieved is an impressive 59 cu. ft. (1.67 m³).
Safety is a matter of supreme importance to Rover engineers and this aspect of the Range Rover has been well taken care of. Protective padding is placed where it will do most good in the event of accident and this includes the top edge of the front seat backrests. There are no hard projections.

Controls and instruments have been designed for unhindered operation and ready reference. Thus, easy-to-read dials are grouped in a neat console mounted within the driver's immediate range of vision and incorporate speedometer, fuel and water temperature gauges. Illuminated colour panels indicate headlamp main beam, trailer lighting, choke, low oil pressure, ignition, low brake fluid pressure or handbrake 'on', and low petrol level in tank.
Four finger-tip levers on the steering column operate two-speed windscreen wipers, windscreen washers, horn, lights, turn indicators, and when fitted, the optional fog or spot lamps. For thief-proof security the ignition switch operates a steering column lock.
The heating and ventilating system provides fresh or recirculated air, controllable over a wide range of volumes and temperatures. The direction of air flow may be regulated at will by rotating the facia panel outlet vents. Extractor grilles in the rear quarter panels allow natural through-flow ventilation.
Safety features include: hazard warning system, impact-absorbing facia, collapsible steering wheel and column, padded sun visors and interior mirror with spring catch that will release on impact.


Land Rover series IIA

88 series IIA, wheelbase 2235 mm
109 series IIA, wheelbase 2769 mm
Forward Control series IIB wheelbase 2794 mm
Lightweight series IIA - (for military only with 4-cyl petrol engine)
R4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 77 bhp-SAE
R4 cyl. diesel, 2286 cc, 67 bhp-SAE
R6 cyl. petrol, 2625 cc, 95 bhp-SAE (LWB, 1-Ton and FC only)


Land Rover series III

88 series III, wheelbase 2235 mm
   R4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 70 bhp-DIN
   R4 cyl. diesel, 2286 cc, 62 bhp-DIN
109 series III, wheelbase 2769 mm
   R4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 70 bhp-DIN
   R4 cyl. diesel, 2286 cc, 62 bhp-DIN
   R6 cyl. petrol, 2625 cc, 86 bhp-DIN
Forward Control series IIB wheelbase 2794 mm
   R6 cyl. petrol, 2625 cc, 86 bhp-DIN
Lightweight series IIA (for military only)
   R4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 70 bhp-DIN