Rover 1968

Great Britain

3,5 Litre
3500 - nowy model
Land Rover

Rover recently bought a design and manufacturing facilities for the 3.5-liter V8 light alloy engine that General Motors had built into the compact Buick Special for a few years. With this machine, which is just as modern as it is powerful, the large Rover has now been fitted since the autumn of 1967, and until then had a rather sedate 3-liter six-cylinder engine. Since April 1968 also installed in the smaller sedan. In addition, Rover had also developed a sports car with very interesting technical details, which was recently shown to the public. however there is no intention to build it in series.
In February 1968, just a few months after its manufacturer had been subsumed, under government pressure, into the Leyland Motor Corporation, the Land Rover celebrated its twentieth birthday, with total production to date just short of 600,000, of which more than 70% had been exported.


Włączenie do British Leyland
Land Rover 88 i 109 s.IIA 2286 cm³
benzynowy lub diesel, 2625 cm³ wyłącznie w wersji 109. Zmieniono umieszczenie reflektorów w wersjach eksportowych.


3,5 Litre V8 Saloon 3532 cc, 161 bhp
3,5 Litre V8 Coupé 3532 cc, 161 bhp

Rover 3,5 Litre Saloon (P5b)


Rover 3,5 Litre Coupé (P5b)

2000 and 3500 V8

wb: 2630 mm
(103.375 in.)
4 cyl.
1978 cc
90 bhp
4 cyl.
1978 cc
110 bhp
V8 cyl.
3528 cc
140 bhp
Saloon 2000 SC 2000 TC 3500 V8

3500 – new model
3500 has 140 bhp 3528 cc V8 and 117 mph top speed and is offered with automatic transmission only.

Rover 2000

Rover 3500

3500 V8


Rover BS – prototype

V8 cyl. 3.5-litre, 185 bhp - prototype

Rover BS


Land Rover series IIA

88 series IIA, wheelbase 2235 mm
109 sereis IIA, wheelbase 2769 mm
Forward Control IIB, wheelbase 2794 mm
4 cyl. petrol, 2286 cc, 77 bhp
4 cyl. diesel, 2286 cc, 67 bhp
6 cyl. petrol, 2625 cc, 95 bhp (LWB, 1-Ton and FC only)
Export models had their headlamps moved from the grille area to the wings.
The new 1 Ton 109 is basically a Series IIB Forward Control built with a standard 109 in body, featuring 2.6-litre petrol engine, lower ratio gearbox. The chassis frame is unique to this model and feature drop-shackle suspension similar to the military series Land Rovers. 900x16 tyres are standard.
Introduced this year Lightweight or "Air-portable" 88" is built purely for the Ministry of defence, based on the civilian Land Rover's mechanics, with different bodywork. Although named Lightweight , it is actually heavier than its civilian counterpart. It is lighter when the de-mountable body panels are removed, thus allowing it to be lifted by the helicopters.

Station Wagon


109 1-Ton

Military Half Ton Truck.


Land Rover 88


110 FC