Rover 1932

Great Britain

10/25 HP (R4 cyl, 1185 cm³,) - ost.rok 

Rover 10/25 Weymann Sportsman's Coupé with built-in rear luggage locker sold at £185 (sliding roof £5 extra). Saloon bodywork is available at slightly higher price. Engine is 1185-cc (63 x 95 mm) four-cylinder, rated at 9.8 HP, with three-speed gearbox. Rear axle drive is by worm. Wheelbase 8 ft 8 in.

Rover Pilot is a 12 HP six-cylinder car available as coachbuilt or Weymann Saloon, or as Weymann Sportsman's Coupé. All three are priced the same at £245. The chassis cost £165. The 1410-cc OHV engine develop 30 bhp at 3600 rpm.


Powstało ok. 15 tys szt 10/25 HP.

Podstawowa wersja 10/25 kosztuje 158 funtów. Za sportowego "Nizama" trzeba zapłacić o 10 funtów więcej.

10/25 HP Nizam Sports