Riley 1934

Great Britain

Monaco, Falcon, Kestrel - saloon
Lynx - tourer
Lincock - Coupé
Ascot - Coupé
Ascot - drophead Coupé
Lincock - Coupé
Mentone, Kestrel, Falcon - saloon
Lynx - tourer
14/6 - ost rok
Gamecock - 2dr sports
Lynx, Alpine - tourer
Stelvio, Alpine, Deauville, Kestrel, Edinbourgh, Wincester - 4dr saloon
Edinbourgh, Wincester - limousine
Lincock - Coupé
Ascot - drophead Coupé
Imp - nowy model
 sports 2 miejscowy
MPH - nowy model
 sports 2 miejscowy 

Nine Monaco

£325 Nine Kestrel Saloon with 'fastback'.

Nine Lynx

12/6 Mentone

12/6 Mentone

12/6 Kestrel

12/6 Falcon


Riley Nine is available with seven factory-built body styles, ranging in price from £237 to £325. The engine is an OHV Four of 1098-cc capacity (60.3 x 95.2 mm), rated at 9.02 HP and developing 35 bhp at 4500 rpm. Most models are optionally available with a less powerful version, developing 27 bhp at 4000 rpm.
Riley Six-cylinder chassis are available with 1458-cc 12.08 HP and 1633-cc 13.53 HP engine with brake horsepower outputs from 44 to 57, depending on specification. All has overhead valves and four-speed gearbox.

Riley 14/6 six-cylinder chassis with Gamecock body and cycle wings.




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
France 16-17.06.1934Le Mans 24 Hours 6 6 6 27 Sébilleau / Delaroche Nine MPH 2nd (1101-1500 1st)
          28 Dixon / Paul Nine MPH 3rd (1101-1500 2nd)
          36 Becke / Peacock Nine Brooklands 5th (751-1100 2nd)
          37 Newsome / Maclure Ulster IMP 6th (751-1100 3rd)
          39 Trévoux / Carriére Ulster IMP 12th (751-1100 4th)
          38 Champney / Petre Ulster IMP 13th (751-1100 5th)

2nd at 24h Le Mans: Riley Nine MPH Six Racing 1,458 cc. chassis 44T-2127, reg. KV 9477 (Jean Sébilleau / Georges Delaroche; Riley Motor Co. Ltd.)

Ulster IMP 1,087.0cc chassis 60-24868, reg. KV 9476 (Sammy Newsome / Percy Maclure; Riley Motor Co Ltd)

3rd at 24h Le Mans: Riley Nine MPH Six Racing 1,458 cc. chassis 44T-2128, reg. KV 9478 (Freddie Dixon / Cyril Paul; Riley Motor Co. Ltd.)

Nine Brooklands 1,087 cc chassis 80-93, reg. KV 5392 with Alex van der Becke and Kenneth Peacock (Riley Motor Co. Ltd.)

Riley Ulster IMP 1,087 cc chassis 60-24867, reg. KV9475 driven at Le Mans by Jean Trévoux and René Carriére (Jean Trévoux).

In 24h Le Mans Riley took first three places in performance index:
1st #36 Alex van der Becke/Kenneth Peacock Riley Nine Brooklands - 1.36970
2nd #37 Sammy Newsome/Percy Maclure Riley Ulster IMP - 1.36830
3rd #27 Jean Sebilleau/Georges Delaroche Riley Nine MPH Six Racing - 1.29560


Riley Ulster IMP 1,087 cc chassis 60-24755, reg. AYK 597 with Dorothy Champney and Kay Petre at 24h Le Mans.


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
20-26.01.1934 Rallye Monte Carlo 10 ? 8 41 Riley / Gardiner   7th ->1500 2nd

Rallye Monte Carlo, no.39, R. Pelham-Burn, start: John o'Groats, finished 67th.

Rallye Monte Carlo, no.41 Rupert St.G. Riley / H. Gardiner, start: Athens,
finished 7th and 2nd in up to 1500 cc class.