Riley 1931

Great Britain

Nine (1087 cm³,)
 drophead Coupé
Ascot - Coupé
Monaco, Biarritz - tourer i saloon
Gamecock - sports
Gamecock - 2dr sports
Lynx, Alpine - tourer
Stelvio, Alpine, Deauville, Kestrel, Edinbourgh, Wincester - 4dr saloon
Edinbourgh, Wincester - limousine
Lincock - Coupé
Ascot - drophead Coupé

Nine tourer

Nine plus tourer

Nine Saloon. The British Army uses some which are slightly modified to meet their requirements for (limited) cross-country work. Tyre size, for example, is 5.25-21 instead of the standard 4.40-27. Most of the Army cars has four-door soft-top bodywork. A military saloon is shown.


Riley Nine has four-cylinder 1089-cc (60.3 x 95.2 mm) engine of 9.02 HP rating.
Riley Brooklands two-seater is produced either in racing trim or road trim. It has basically the same 1089-cc engine as the Riley Nine but with pump cooling instead of thermo-syphon, electric fuel pump instead of gravity feed and other modifications. Wheelbase is 8 ft (10 inches shorter than the Nine).





  Race: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
19.07.1931German GP 1 1 1 78 Dudley Froy 1.1 S-4 1st (500-1100 cc)





  Race: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
16-21.01.1931 Rallye Monte Carlo 1 4 V.E. Leverett Nine ->1100 1st
      1 Jack Hobbs Nine ->1100 4th



Riley #4 (V.E. Leverett) won the Monte Carlo Rally in up to 1100cc class. 


Riley #3 (K.W.B. Sanderson)Started from Stavanger.