Renault 1954

300 kg

Modernizacja 4CV - 3 zamiast 6 poziomych listew ozdobnych. Mniej niż rok trwała produkcja 4CV Service.
Firma wyprodukowała ponad 200 tysięcy (204.666 lub 200.629) samochodów. Sprzedano półmilionową "czwórkę".

The 4 c.v. Renault also has only minor modifications, such as pressurized cooling, which gives enhanced interior heating in winter, and an adjustable driving seat. The lid of the front luggage locker now has a stay to hold it open, and the luggage space has been increased a little. On the Frégate the compression ratio has been raised from 6.6 to 7 to 1, improving the performance. The Amiral has also been given a distinctive radiator grille, and the Affaires now has heating included in the standard equipment. Two Frégates are mounted on conveyor chains on the stand in such a way that, as they pass from side to side, they roll over to display their undersides.
(Paris report)


4 CV

4 CV "54" (748 cc, 21 ch)
 Sport Toit Ouvrant
 Decapotable Grand Luxe




Frégate (R 1100) (R4 cyl, 1997 cc, 58 ch) - end
 Amiral berline
 Affaires berline
Frégate '55 (R 1100) ) (R4 cyl, 1997 cc, 65 ch) - new
 Amiral berline
 Affaires berline

Frégate Amiral

Frégate '55
Affairs: unchanged appearance. Upholstery cloth and imitation. Black or green body only.
Amiral: new oval grille (painted with environment), ribbed bumpers.


300 kg

(R 2100) 4 CV (748 cc)



(4 cyl, 1997 cc, 60 ch)
 Prairie break
 Prairie 4x4 break
 Savane break
 Savane 4x4
 Pick-up 11 CV
 Plateau baché
 Tout Terrain

Colorale Prairie break


4 CV Sports (USA)


Renault, besides its conventional little rear-engined 750 c.c. saloon in red, and an elegant grey Frégate saloon, really adopted Fibreglass. Included were a blue sports Coupé and a streamlined, lightweight red roadster.
(New York Motor Show report)