Classic Car Catalogue

Princess 1975

2673 mm R4 cyl.
1798 cc
82 bhp
R4 cyl.
2227 cc
110 bhp
— September
Saloon 1800


Great Britain

PRINCESS 1800 and HL
Saloon: £2,237
HL: £2,341
Under Leyland's reorganisation, the recently-introduced Austin-Morris-Wolseley 18-22 range has been renamed "Princess". The latest 1800 series has adopted the Austin-type bonnet in conjunction with the Morris-type quad headlights, in both standard and HL (High-Line) form. The wedge-shaped four-cylinder saloons are powered by the old Austin-Morris '1800' units, modified to provide more economy and low-speed power. Suspension is independent Hydragas all-round, and both ride and handling have been acclaimed by the motoring press. Roomy, comfortable cars.
HL: £2,562
HLS: £3,000
The six-cylinder Princess models have transverse engines derived from the four-cylinder Maxi unit, and are notable for quiet, smooth running. The 2200s, like the 1800s, have adopted not only the Austin-type bonnet but the two trapezoidal headlamps as well. The HL model has PVC seats, and standard interior trim, whereas the HLS has luxury cloth seats, wood-finish fascia etc., in the style of the Wolseley 2200 which it replaces. Like the four-cylinder 1800 models, the 2200s are available with four-speed manual, or fully-automatic transmission.
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