Porsche 1954


Premiera Speedstera, którego pierwowzorem był America Roadster.
Stabilizator w przednim zawieszeniu.

1934 ex.

On the Porsche stand there was a production Type 550 two-seater finished in blue and red, having the four-camshaft engine, knock-off hubs and disc wheels, the most complete undertray that could be desired and fitted with the latest-pattern Dunlop racing tyres. The car was mounted on a portion of concrete banking, allowing viewers to see into the cockpit with ease. Two standard Porsches were also on view, a 1,500 drophead Coupé and a 1,500 Super of the more popular fixed-head Coupé type. As production of the normal Porsches is still only a handful per week it is unlikely that the 550 will be appearing much before the spring in any numbers, but production is guaranteed and orders were being taken on the stand.
(Paris report)

Primarily designed for the American market, the new Porsche Speedster is claimed to reach 100 m.p.h. in standard trim. It has open coachwork, a light folding roof and no side windows, and is one hundredweight lighter than the drop-head Coupé. Aircraft type seats are fitted instead of the bench type.
(The Autocar, October '54)



356 / 1100 (B4 cyl, 1086 ccm, 40 PS; wb: 2100 mm) - end
356 / 1300 (B4 cyl, 1286 ccm, 44 PS; wb: 2100 mm) - end
356 / 1300A (B4 cyl, 1290 ccm, 44 PS; wb: 2100 mm) - new
356 / 1500 (B4 cyl, 1488 ccm, 55 PS; wb: 2100 mm)
356 / 1300 Super (B4 cyl, 1290 ccm, 60 PS; wb: 2100 mm)
356 / 1500 Super (B4 cyl, 1488 ccm, 70 PS; wb: 2100 mm)




550 Spyder



Trzecie miejsce (Herrmann) w Carrera Panamericana (MEX).
Zwycięstwo (Polensky) w rajdzie Liege-Rzym-Liege.
Zwycięstwo (Hammarlund) w Rajdzie Szwedzkim.