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Pontiac 1931

401 Six wb: 112 in. L6 cyl.
60 hp
Sport Coupe  
Convertible Coupe  
Sedan 2-dr  
Sedan 4-dr  
Custom Sedan 4-dr  


It is from people who know the best in cars that we are hearing some of the pleasantest things about Pontiac. For instance, families owning two or three cars tell us the Pontiac is more often out of the garage than in. Apparently everyone has occasion to use it-or finds an excuse for doing so!
Of course this doesn't mean that Pontiac competes, point for point or inch for inch, with cars costing several times as much. But it proves that Pontiac is the kind of car which pleases motorists who are accustomed to owning and driving the finest.
Riding comfort is perhaps the severest test - and there you'll give Pontiac a very high rating indeed. It's a car you can really relax in while driving-due to ample wheelbase, larger tires, hydraulic shock absorbers, and a chassis quieted and cushioned by rubber insulation at 43 points.
You may not ask your Pontiac to do more than a mile a minute -but it can. Also, it can pass traffic competition like Twenty Grand - smoothly and without straining.
Furthermore, at the station or a friend's fine home you can park a Pontiac with complete assurance that it "belongs." Everything about it is smart and modernlines, coloring, finish of every detail. The splendid mohair or whipCord upholstery (fine leathers in open models) would grace a frankly high-priced car. All in all, we believe that you will say just this about the Pontiac: It's a conveniently smaller and less expensive form of the motor car distinction you've learned to insist upon.

Pontiac na bieżący rok jest dłuższy i niższy. Nowością w ofercie jest wersja kabriolet.

Pontiac 401 Six share Fisher bodywork with Chevrolet and Oldsmobile.

Oakland, Pontiac's 'father', was formed in 1907 and two years later became part of the General Motors Corporation. Pontiac was a lower-price offshoot introduced in 1926, but it rapidly overshadowed the Oakland range which during 1931 was retained as a V8 but was then dropped altogether.



Coup é


Pontiac 401 Six looks much like contemporary Chevrolet, except for radiator grille. Engine is L-head with 200 cu in. Complete model range consists of three Coup és (Standard, Sport and Convertible) and three Sedans (two-door as shown, Standard four-door and Custom). Wheelbase 112 in. Oakland range similar but 251-cu in. V8 engine (B x S 316 x 38 in.) and 117-in. wb.