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Pontiac 1930

Big Six wb: 110 in. L6 cyl.
60 hp
Roadster 4-pass 6-29 6-30
Phaeton 5-pass 6-29 6-30
Coupe 2-pass 6-29 6-30
Sport Coupe 2-4-pass - 6-30
Sedan 2-dr 6-29 6-30
Sedan 4-dr 6-29 6-30
Custom Sedan 4-dr - 6-30


Sprzedaż dużych, luksusowo wyposażonych, sześciocylindrowych Pontiaców jest większa niż ośmiocylindrowych Oaklandów.

Throughout its entire speed range there is alluring new smoothness in the New Series Pontiac Big Six. A leisurely "thirty" or brisk "sixty" – either reveals a delightfully uniform absence of roughness and vibration. The basis of this increased smoothness is exceptionally fine engineering. The short, heavy crankshaft of Pontiac's 60-horsepower engine is fully counterweighted. It has a Harmonic Balancer which counteracts torsional vibration. And Pontiac's power plant is now completely insulated from the frame by new type rubber mountings. Many other Pontiac improvements assure added motoring satisfaction. Improved Lovejoy Hydraulic Shock Absorbers give greater riding comfort. A new steering mechanism provides increased handling ease. And its big, enclosed, four-wheel brakes are still more effective in their action. Let the nearest Oakland-Pontiac dealer demonstrate this finer Pontiac with its newly styled bodies by Fisher. You will find impressive new beauty, finer performance, and the increased value which make it a better "buy" than ever before! ... Seven body types. All prices f.o.b. Pontiac, Mich., plus delivery charges.

2-Door Sedan

Custom Sedan


Custom Sedan

Custom Sedan

Coup é


Pontiac 6-30B Six Sedan sold at $825 and differed from 1929 model mainly by way of a new slanting windshield and improved brakes.