Pinin Farina 1954

Lancia Aurelia B 24 S – Brussels
Ferrari 500 Mondial
Maserati A6 GCS Berlinetta Sport
PF 200 

Prototypowy Spider na podwoziu Lancia Aurelia.

Lancia Aurelia Spider w wersji seryjnej.

Ferrari at Paris Motor Show.


Pojedynczy egzemplarz Ferrari 375 America zbudowany dla prezesa Fiata.


Another striking body is Pinin Farina's Lancia two-door two-seater Coupé in silver-grey. The roof merges into two fins between which is countersunk the rear window; an advantage is that the window remains clean in bad weather. Good forward visibility results from the wrap-round curved screen. (Paris report)


Alfa Romeo 1900 at Brussels Motor Show.

PF 200 at Brussels Motor Show.

Another version of PF 200 presented at Paris Motor Show.