Pierce Arrow 1932

Model 54 (8cyl, wb:137-142in)
Model 68 (12cyl, wb:137-142in)
Model ?2 (12cyl, wb:142-147in)

Model 54 Five Passenger Club Brougham

Model 54 Sedan



Models 54 and 68 are offered in 11 body styles (Club Brougham 5-pass, Sedan 5-pass, Club Sedan 5-pass, Club Berline 5-pass, Convertible Sedan 5-pass, Sedan 7-pass, Enclosed Drive Limousine 7-pass, Coupé 4-pass, Convertible Coupé Roadster, Tourer 5-pass, Tourer 7-pass). 5 bodies are available for the biggest model.
The Company is under control of Studebaker and built eight- and twelve-cylinder models. The V-12 came in 5½- and 7-litre forms, developing up to 175 bhp.