Classic Car Catalogue

Peugeot 1976

204 - ost. rok
504 Coupé & Cabriolet
404 Camionette


Lift-up rear doors and fold-away rear seats transform the 104 saloons. Replacing the 204, the new GL6 and SL have a larger engine than the basic 104. The SL model has bigger headlamps, clock, trip distance reCorder, two-speed hester fan. Steering is rack and pinion; brakes have split circuits and a pressure-limiting antiskid valve at the rear.
Now that production of the 204 has ceased, interest concentrates on the 304 which is available as four-door saloon or five-door station wagon with the standard 60 b.h.p. engine or as 304S saloon with 74 b.h.p. engine using a twin-choke carburetter. The engine, new this year, is similar to that in the Renault 14 recently announced. There are also a convertible and a diesel but not for the U K market.
Top 504 models have a redesigned radiator grille and behind it an engine with higher compression for more power and better economy. With carburetter the GL saloon and estate now have 96 b.h.p. available; with injection, the TI saloon can call on 106 b.h.p. There are new diesel saloon and estate models with 1,948 c.c. 56 b.h.p. engines and independent rear suspension and the basic 504 L petrol models with 1,796 c.c.
Peugeot's venture into the top International executive class 604 has made a good impression with its finish, silence and riding comfort. The spacious body on which Pininfarina collaborated has electric windows, head restraints for all occupants and can be fitted with an electric sun roof. The V6 o.h.c. engine, produced in collaboration with Renault and Volvo has two carburetters and GM automatic transmission is an optional extra. Front brakes have ventilated discs



  954 cc, 46 ch
  1124 cc, 57 ch



Berline; wb: 2,595 mm
Break; wb: 2,595 mm
Furgonnette; wb: 2,595 mm
 1127 cc, 59 bhp
 diesel 1357 cc, 45 bhp






L 1796 cc,
GL 1971 cc, 93 ch
TI 1971 cc, 106 ch, injection
 diesel 1948 cc, 56 ch,
 1971 cc, 93 ch
 1971 cc, 106 ch, injection
 1948 cc, 56 ch, diesel


504 Coupé and Cabriolet

V6 cyl, 2664 cc, 136 ch-DIN, injection





404 Camionnette