Peugeot 1956


"French motoring journals tend to criticize the current Peugeot range on the score of sober appearance and a lack of enterprise. A delivery delay of 18 months to two years for the standard 403 saloon, as compared with two months for the Frégate and Simca Vedette, and a throng of viewers around even the old 203 model (almost unchanged since 1948) convince one that a large section of the French public is satisfied on the practical scores of economy and longevity. The new 403 convertible is handsome and well-finished, but costs £1,250 in France as compared with the saloon's £735. It is shown in pastel red with biscuit leather trim, and in pale yellow with black trim-much brighter shades than have graced a Peugeot stand for many years. The new 403 Familiale estate car is shown as an eight-seater with de luxe finish and equipment, and as a primarily goodscarrying vehicle with plastic trim and seating for five. It has a longer wheelbase than the saloon, and half-elliptic rear springs in place of coils. Peugeot exhibits are shod with Dunlop, Michelin and Kleber tyres."
(Paris report)

Indicators for '57 models.



203 (R4 cyl, 1290 cm³, 45 ch)
  berline; wb: 2580 mm
  cabriolet; wb: 2580 mm
  familiale; wb: 2780 mm - end of prod.
  commerciale; wb: 2780 mm - end of prod.
  camionette bachee - end of prod.
  furgonette tolee

203 Berline

203 Familiale

203 Cabriolet

203 Cabriolet



403 R4 cyl, 1468 cc, 58 ch
  Berline; wb: 2660 mm
  Cabriolet; wb: 2660 mm - new model
  Familiale; wb: 2900 mm - new model
 Limousine Commerciale; wb: 2900 mm - new model


403 Cabriolet at Paris Motor Show.


Commercial models