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Panhard 1961

  wb: 257 cm 851 cm³
42 KM
851 cm³
PL 17 L4 Berline Luxe      
  L4 Berline Grand Luxe     – new model
  L4 Berline Grand Standing      
  L4 Berline Tigre      
  L5 Cabriolet     – new model
  F-65 650 kg      
  F-50 500 kg      


The PL 17 is powered by a twin cylinder flat four-stroke air cooled engine. It is rated at 42 hp SAE for the standard version and 50 hp SAE for the "Tigre." For the 1961 models the front doors open in the direction of travel and the engine size is reduced to 848 cc.

This year marks a triple victory for the PL 17 in the Monte Carlo rally .

Rozważano możliwość stylizacji i produkcji nowego nadwozia we Włoszech.

Panhard PL 17 berline

PL 17 at Motor Show in London last year.

Panhard PL 17 cabriolet

PL 17 Cabriolet




1st RMC #213 PL 17 Martin/Bateau
2nd RMC   PL 17 Walter/Loffler
3rd RMC   PL 17 Jovanneauux/Coquillet
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Potrójne zwycięstwo w klasyfikacji generalnej Rajdu Monte Carlo. Na pierwszym miejscu załoga Martin/Bateau, na drugim Walter/Loffler, a na trzecim Jovanneauux/Coquillet.

Triple victory in the Monte Carlo Rally. 1st Martin/Bateau, 2nd Walter/Loffler, 3th Jovanneauux/Coquillet.

Zwycięstwo PL 17 w RMC. (Motor '61/8-2)