Panhard 1960

wb: 257 cm 851 cm3
42 KM
851 cm3
Dyna Z
Z17 Cabriolet Grand Standing x Tigre – end of prod. in April
PL 17 L1 Berline Luxe x -
L1 Berline Grand Standing x -
L1 Berline Tigre - x
F-65 650 kg    
F-50 500 kg    
L2 Convertible     – new model



The PL 17 is powered by a twin cylinder flat four-stroke air cooled 851 cc engine. It is rated at 42 hp SAE for the standard version and 50 hp SAE for the "Tigre" version.
The launch of a Convertible for American market.

PL 17

Panhard and DB at Chicago Motor Show.

PL 17

Exhibition at Paris Motor Show.

PL 17 cabriolet

Reklama z rynku USA...

PL 17 Cabriolet

...gdzie Panhardy sprzedawane s ą wspólnie z marką DB.