Panhard 1953

Dyna 130 5CV (X 87) (851 cm³, 40 KM; wb: 213 cm) – end of prod.
 break 3-dr
 break 5-dr / taxi – new model
Scarlette 5CV (X 90) – end of prod.
Dyna Junior 4CV (wb: 213 cm) – end of prod.
Dyna Junior 5CV (851 cm³, 42 KM; wb: 213 cm) – new model
Dyna Z (851 cm³, 42 KM; wb: 257 cm) – introduction




For 1953 type 130 reaches 130 km/h with the optional 5CV Sprint 40 hp engine. A 5-door estate car or taxi was introduced.
The first examples of Scarlette were delivered in the early summer of 1953. Only 208 were sold until the fall of 1953 when it was end of prod..
Dyna X was also end of prod. in the autumn, except for the break and the furgonette models.
The Junior recieved either a 5 CV or the 5 CV Sprint engines. By February 1953, the roadster was replaced by a convertible with side windows and exterior door handles. From March, a three-seater bench was fitted with a modification to the chassis. The grille with an aluminum blade was replaced by an oval opening inherited from the Dyna X and the dashboard has two dials.

Dyna "54" was presented to the press on 17th June 1953 at the "Les Ambassadeurs" restaurant in Paris. The official launch took place at the Paris Motor Show in October. It is probably the most modern car on the market. It is based on a modular design. The centerpiece is the platform plate forming a superstructure with the body. Thanks to extensive use of aluminium the car weights only 710 kg – 30% less than its rivals. Despite its size (length: 4.577 m, width: 1.668 m, Height: 1.42 m and wheelbase: 2.57 m) the car is capable of a top speed of 130 km/h. The body design is the work of Louis Bionier, the creator of pre-war CS/DS series, Panoramique, Dynamic and the post-war Dyna X. The bonnet and wings are formed from one piece of aluminium. The influence of the aerodynamic 1948 prototype Dynavia is rather obvious. The use of curved front and back window allowes excellent visibility. The spacious interior with a completely flat floor can accommodate up to six people. An innovative one unit instrument panel is located right behind the steering wheel. For safety the dashboard is pushed further away from the passengers and boasts more rounded and padded controls with less projection. In the same vein, the windscreen and rear window are designed to eject in case of accident. The fuel tank is located safely between the rear wheels. Dyna Z is equipped with the engine type S5, from the most sporting version the of Dyna X.


Dyna 130

break 3-dr
break 5-dr/taxi
 wb: 213 cm
2 cyl. boxer, 851 cm³, 40 KM

Panhard Dyna berline

Panhard Dyna cabriolet

Panhard Dyna break


 wb: 213 cm
2 cyl. boxer (4CV)
2 cyl. boxer, 851 cm³, 42 KM (5CV)

Panhard Dyna Junior cabrio

Panhard Dyna Junior Sprint


Dyna Z

 Wheelbase: 2.57 m
2 cyl., boxer, 851 cc, 42 hp

Premiera nowej Dyny na salonie w Paryżu.


Panhard Dyna Z


1st Rudge Withworth Cup #61 Monopole X 88 Chancel/Chancel
World Sports Car Championship entries:
  Mille Miglia 26.04.1953 Entrant: Results:
# gen. class
040 Dyna X87 Ciocca/Bertassi 193rd T1.3 71st
043 Dyna 130S Blasi/Blasi dnf T1.3 -
14 Dyna Crepaldi/Longoni dnf T750 -
20 Dyna Borghesio/Beretta dnf T750 -
23 Dyna Rigamonti/Palvarini 206th T750 8th
25 Dyna Nessi/Fanoppa dnf T750 -
42 Dyna Bianchedi/Tabanelli 173rd T750 2nd
46 Dyna Brichetti/Cantuseno 217th T750 12th
47 Dyna Maranzana/Carlotti 201st T750 6th
58 Dyna Cotton/Sirakan 189th T750 5th
69 Dyna Prandoni/Gandini 208th T750 9th
74 Dyna Del Bono/Tirelli 221st T750 13th
88 Dyna Porfiri/Caratti 182nd T750 3rd
2202 Dyna Allemano Guidetti/Ubezio 171st S750 13th
2215 Dyna Allemano Castellarin/Capaccioli 108th S750 2nd
2223 Dyna Schollmann/Colas dnf S750 -
2226 Dyna Beninati/Tocchio dnf S750 -
2232 Dyna Parucci/Martin 271st S750 26th
2234 Dyna Pierron/Zaganelli 133rd S750 7th
2236 Dyna Zerbini/Zerbini dnf S750 -
2304 Dyna Gagneaux/Lachenal dnf S750 -
2305 Dyna Stempert/Schwartz dnf S750 -
  24h Le Mans 13.06.1953 Entrant: Results: Perf.
# gen. class
50 Monopole X 89 Plantivaux/Lapchin Panhard 20th 751-1.1 2nd 12th
51 Monopole X 87 Stempert/Schwarz Panhard 22nd 751-1.1 3rd 19th
59 Monopole X 84 Dussous/Flahault Monopole ret. - -
60 Monopole X 85 Hémard/Montrémy Panhard nc nc 10th
61 Monopole X 88 Chancel/Chancel Panhard 21st 501-750 3rd 1st
24h Spa 25-26.07.1953 Entrant: Results:
# gen. group
33 X85 Bovens/Giraud Panhard 11th S 6th
57 Dyna Meunier / Sanders 9th T 5th
58 Dyna de Blicky/Gendebien dnf T -
59 Dyna Welter / Renant acc. T -
60 Dyna Bourdonnaye/Vandenberg dnf T -
61 Dyna Meignen / Blanchet nc T -
62 Dyna Cotton / Sigrand 13th T 7th
1000km Nürgurgring 30.08.1953 Entrant: Results:
# gen. class
90 Dyna Junior Trouis / Blanchet G.Trouis 22nd PS750 2nd


Le Mans.

Panhard Dyna (M. Parucci / Maurice Martin) at Mille Miglia.



Le Mans.