Packard 1949

EIGHT (130 KM) 
 2 Door Club Sedan  
 4 Door Sedan  
 4 Door Stn Sedan
DELUXE EIGHT (4,6 l, 130 KM)
 2 Door Club Sedan  
 4 Door Sedan  
SUPER EIGHT (5,4 l, 145 KM)
 2 Door Club Sedan  
 4 Door Sedan
 Deluxe 2 Door Club Sedan  
 Deluxe 4 Door Limousine Lwb
 Deluxe 4 Door Sedan  
 Deluxe 4 Door Sedan Lwb
 Victoria 2 Door Convertible
CUSTOM EIGHT (5,8 l, 160 KM)
 2 Door Club Sedan  
 2 Door Convertible  
 4 Door Sedan

Custom Convertible

Drive any one of the 14 new Golden Anniversary Packards ... and then see if you can be content with any other car!
For here's a sleek, exclusive new beauty ... backed by spectacular performance such as you've never known. Smoother, quieter, more powerful performance-with gas economy that's the sensation of the fine car field!
Here's the ultimate, too, in luxury comfort - in new, completely soundproofed interiors ... cradled by Packard's smoother-than-ever "limousine ride.” New, richly-appointed interiors ... kept fresh, and at automatic temperatures, by motordom's most efficient heating and ventilating system!
And quality workmanship? In every precision-finished detail, these Golden Anniversary models are the greatest ever to bear the Packard name.
So make it a point to drive the new 135-HP Packard Eight ... the new 150-HP Packard Super ... or the incomparable 160-HP Packard Custom. Then-price them !
You'll know then, for certain, that the time has arrived for you to be the man who owns the finest Packard ever built!

Eight Sedan

Eight Touring Sedan

Eight Club Sedan



Super DeLuxe Touring Sedan