OSCA 1960

Tipo S
1600 GT – new model 

1600 GTZagato

1500 Coupé by Savio

1500 by Scioneri


In 1960 the S-F392 emerged, a standard S Type chassis fitted with the 1600 dohc engine from the 1600GT. Only two examples were constructed.

Road cars called 1600GT started to emerge from the factory in 1960. The are powered by twin-cam 1568cc four-cylinder units (95bhp @ 6,000rpm).

TWO VERSIONS of Osca have been entered to Le Mans; one is the 2-o.h.c. 1½-litre engine version, and the other a 750 c.c.-two of the latter models are entered. Last year two 1,100 c.c. models were entered for the race but neither lasted the distance. All Oscas have neat twin-tube chassis with forged wishbone front suspension and coil springs, and at the rear a live axle located by radius arms.




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