OSCA 1956

MT4-2AD – end of prod.
S187 – new model 

Osca 1500 by Vignale.


MT4 was made from 1950. A small number also received Coupé bodies from various carrozzeria including Frua, Michelotti and Vignale.

A complex frame of the new Tipo Sis made from small diameter tubes have a 2100mm wheelbase. The car is fitted with a 749cc dohc engine which giving 70bhp @ 7,500rpm. The body had a very distinctive flat tail. The total empty weight is only 430kg. Drum brakes, coil springs and telescopic dampers are fitted on all wheels.
Considering a possible successor to the MT4, in 1956 a Tipo S was fitted with an increased capacity engine. By increasing the bore to 70mm the overall capacity went up to 954cc, and the power to 78bhp @ 7,200rpm.




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