NSU 1931

7/34 PS - end of prod.
10/52 PS Lizenz Fiat - Berlin


Cars registered in Germany:
NSU/Fiat 990 ex.
NSU 548 ex.

The NSU 7/34 PS didn't sell well. To save the brand, 10/52 PS Fiat NSU Lizenz was released at the Berlin Motor Show in February 1931, intended only for the German market. The whole chassis of the Italian Fiat 522 is imported and fitted with Germany buit bodies: saloon by Weinsberg and convertibles by Drauz.
Separation of the NSU and Fiat; Neckarsulm plant under bank control.


7/34 PS

7/34 PS (R6 cyl, 1781 ccm, 34 PS) - end of prod.

7/34 Droschken-Landaulet by Weinsberg.


10/52 PS Lizenz Fiat

10/52 PS (R6 cyl, 2516 ccm, 52 PS) - new model

10/52 PS (Lizenz Fiat) with Pullmann-Limousine body by Weisberg.