Morris 1973


Great Britain



1300 (R4 cyl, 1275 cc, 60 bhp)
  De Luxe Coupé
  Super De Luxe Coupé
  De Luxe Saloon
1800 (R4 cyl, 1798 cc, 83 bhp)
  Super De Luxe Coupé
  Super De Luxe Saloon
1800 TC (R4 cyl, 1798 cc, 94 bhp)

Using the same body as the 1.8-litre Marinas, the smallest-engined model offers full-size family motoring with a vast luggage boot at realistic cost. The two-door coupé bodywork is also available, but has a slightly smaller baggage compartment. The 1.3-litre Marina's engine is virtually identical to the 1275 Mini, and the Austin 1300 front-drive saloons, but in Marina form it is installed longitudinally, is connected to a separate gearbox, and drives the rear wheels through a live axle. The engine is of modest capacity, but the 1.3 can exceed 80 m.p.h.
One of the best-looking medium estate cars on the road, the Marina derivative is available in 1.8-litre form only. To cope with a permissible 8 cwt. load it has strengthened springing, and there are many who consider its handling superior to the saloon and coupe Marinas. There are five doors for maximum convenience, the internal trim is bright and attractive, and with the rear seat folded down there is a flat floor more than five feet long. Automatic transmission, reclining front seats, heated rear window and hazard lights are optional extras.
Coupé: £1,297
Saloon: £1,338
The Marina TC (Twin Carburettor) is the top model in the range, available with two-door coupé or four-door saloon bodywork. Many will argue that the two-door car is the sportiest, and with the 93.5 (DIN) b.h.p. four-cylinder engine which is almost identical to the famous MGB, it is indeed a lively family model. For 1974, in addition to the normal TCs there is a new 'uprated' version with vinyl roof covering, brushed-nylon seats, seat headrests, and a painted coachline on bodysides. The Marina range has a conventional layout of front engine, rear drive, and live back axle.

London report

1300 Saloon

1300 Coupé

1800 TC Coupé

Marina in the USA

1800 Estate

1800 Saloon

1800 TC Saloon

Marina in the USA


1800 and 2200

1800 (R4 cyl, 1798 cc, 86 bhp)
2200 (R6 cyl, 2227 cc, 110 bhp)